Retirement Savings: Leave, Take, or Roll

Retirement Savings: ┬áLeave, Take, or Roll If you're about to switch employers or retire, you may wonder what to do with the money you have in your employer's retirement plan. Generally, you have four choices, each with very different consequences. Leave You may leave the money where it is, provided your former employer's plan permits…
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Put Your Refund to Good Use

Put Your Refund to Good Use Are you expecting a tax refund from the IRS this year? Although it may be tempting to spend your refund on the newest electronic gadget, consider using it to meet one or more of your financial goals. Pay Down Debt Credit card debt can grow quickly if left unpaid.…
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Renting Residential Real Estate

A Tax Review for the Nonprofessional Landlord. Renting Residential Real Estate. Investing in residential rental properties raises various tax issues that can be somewhat confusing, especially if you are not a real estate professional. Some of the more important issues rental property investors will want to be aware of are discussed below. Rental Losses Currently,…
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