Generous Write-Offs Available For Equipment Purchases

Generous Write-Offs Available For Equipment Purchases, businesses have additional incentive to purchase machinery, equipment, and various other assets this year. In a bid to increase business spending on capital investment, Congress has added new incentives as part of the 2010 Tax Relief Act. Equipment Purchases 100% Write-off The new law allows businesses to write off […]

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The More Things Change

The More Things Change, for much of last year, the possibility of higher tax rates going into effect in 2011 loomed large in taxpayers\’ planning. The 20I0 Tax Relief Act\’s extension of the Bush-era tax cuts and certain other taxpayer friendly rules provides a temporary reprieve. Individual Tax Rates Except for inflation adjustments to the

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Energy Credit Revived

Energy Credit Revived, improving a home to make it more energy efficient can cut utility bills and conserve energy. It also can result in tax savings. Basic Limits The 2010 Tax Relief Act has modified and extended for one year (through 2011) the tax credit available to homeowners for installing cee:tain emergencies property in their

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