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Lopato & Associates comprises of Accounting, Tax and Computer experts who are ready to provide professional solutions for our clients.

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There are no words that can fully express how much I loooovvvee Alan Lopato and his staff. You see, when I got divorced and decided to become a small business owner as a Real Estate Agent I didn't have a lot of energy left to handle the other parts of my life. He made sure that I saved money, kept on top of everthing that I needed to help me make the right financial decisions. Every year I am so impressed by them. I am truely grateful. I refer all of my clients to Alan. I don't know what I would do without him and his staff.
Angela K.​
Alan and his team has done our taxes for several years. I tried it on my own one year as comparison, but when I came up several hundred dollars shorter than Lopato I figured it's best to leave this up to professionals. I plan on having my taxes down with Lopato for many years to come. His office isn't very impressive, but with the service I receive I prefer to pay for salaries and not swanky offices
Hakan L.​
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