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Lopato & Associates comprises of Accounting, Tax and Computer experts who are ready to provide professional solutions for our clients. Lopato & Associates is a San Diego CPA firm that is ready to help you. If you are ready for the next generation one stop solution call us now!

Individual Approach

Each tax return is unique just as each individual is unique. At Lopato & Associates we take an individual approach and each tax return is thoroughly checked by a certified public accountant to make sure everything is the best that it can be. You will be able to rest assured that you are paying the least taxes and you don’t have to worry that the IRS will come after you later on.


At Lopato & Associates we have the latest software as well as subscriptions to databases and law libraries so that we can make the correct decisions all the time. Tax law can be extremely complexed requiring the most up to date information about changes and application of tax law.


At Lopato & Associates we focus on you the client. Every client meets with a certified public accountant to discuss their tax return and any questions or issues they may have. You will never be left with unanswered questions.



The last day to file a corporate tax return without a penalty or extension is Mar 15 for an S Corp. and April 15 for a C Corp.

The last day to file a personal tax return without a penalty or extension is April 15.

The last day to file a tax return with an extension is October 15.

Who We Are

Lopato & Associates is a highly experienced CPA firm. We provide top quality tax preparation services as well as other business related services such as book keeping, tax planning, computer consulting and many other accounting services. Many firms use people who have had a six week tax course or enrolled agents to prepare your taxes. We only use certified public accountants.

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