Services we Offer

At Lopato & Associates we provide a wide range of accounting, book keeping, taxation payroll, and computer consulting services. Our experts are here to help you make the correct financial decisions that will save your business money.

Accounting Services
At Lopato & Associates we provide accounting services including cash flow analysis, budgeting analysis, financial statement preparation, budget planning, reviews and compilations.

Tax Settlement Services
We can help you negotiate with the IRS to reduce your tax bill. Even if your debt is legitimate we can often negotiate a lesser amount or a payment plan that is easier to deal with than one large lump sum.

Tax Preparation Services
At Lopato & Associates we are experts in preparing individual, partnership, corporate, non-profit, fiduciary, and exempt tax returns. We will help you pay the least possible in taxes that you legally have to. Often times some tax preparers miss possible tax savings but we use the most updated state of the art software and all tax returns are prepared by a certified public accountant who is an expert in their field and who knows the latest tax laws.

Book Keeping Services
Book Keeping is at the heart of tax and accounting. Every business needs good reliable books and records to ensure the success of the business. At Lopato & Associates we can help you with every phase of your book keeping. We can help you set up your books and records, straighten or take over book keeping for you.

Computer Consulting Services
Computer and information systems are at the heart of your business. We have expert analysts and technicians who can make sure that your software and network are setup correctly so your business can run smoothly without having computer problems that can hold you back.

Tax Planning Services
Doing taxes is like planning a trip. If you plan ahead everything will go smoothly but if you fail to plan you will hit bumps in the road and have problems. Tax planning is vital to save money on taxes. Why pay extra money in taxes when structuring a transaction differently will legally and safely reduce your tax liability? An important activity for any business or individual is to plan their spending in order to legally reduce taxes as much as possible. Why pay extra money in taxes when you don't need to? Small changes before hand can save huge amounts of taxes at the end of the year. When you file your tax return it is too late to make theses changes. Tax Planning helps you make these changes before the fact so you can legally pay the lowest amount of taxes.

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