Tax Write Offs

Who\’s a Dependent?

[mp_row] [mp_span col=\”12\”] To most of us, the word \”dependent\” is synonymous with \”child,\” but the IRS\’s definition is a little different. For tax purposes, a dependent must be either a \”qualifying child\” or a \”qualifying relative.\” To be a qualifying child, the child must: Live in your home for over half the year Be […]

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Tis the Season

Tis the Season, at the end of the year, companies often celebrate the holidays by having office parties or giving gifts to their employees. The following are some general guidelines as to what is taxable and what is not. Gifts. Employers can give their employ- ees merchan- dise of nominal value – hams and turkeys,

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Tax Credit Opportunities

Tax Credit Opportunities, tax deductions aren\’t the only things to consider when looking for ways to reduce your 2013 tax bill. There are a number of tax credits that you may be able to claim. A tax credit reduces your tax liability dollar for dollar (and, in some instances, may be fully or partially \”refundable\”

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Powerful Deductions

Powerful Deductions, taxpayers like deductions because they\’re a key to lowering taxes. But not all deductions work the same way in the tax calculation. Those you are allowed to claim \”above the line\” can be especially powerful. On your personal tax return, abovethe- line deductions are subtracted from your income to arrive at your adjusted

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Tax Breaks for Caregivers

Tax Breaks for Caregivers, at some point in your life, you may find yourself caring for elderly parents or other relatives. Or you may be doing it now. Whether it\’s hands-on care or financial aid only, providing care may allow you to take advantage of certain tax breaks. Dependency exemption. The person you are caring

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Don\’t Be Caught by Surprise

Don\’t Be Caught by Surprise, for much of 2012, uncertainty about the fate of various favorable tax law provisions set to \”sunset\” at the end of the year has complicated tax planning. Although the situation may change, as this article goes to press, taxpayers are still waiting for answers from lawmakers and weighing what planning

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Generous Write-Offs Available For Equipment Purchases

Generous Write-Offs Available For Equipment Purchases, businesses have additional incentive to purchase machinery, equipment, and various other assets this year. In a bid to increase business spending on capital investment, Congress has added new incentives as part of the 2010 Tax Relief Act. Equipment Purchases 100% Write-off The new law allows businesses to write off

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