Tax Settlement Services

If you have gotten a huge bill from the IRS and do not know what to do we are here to help you! Even if you legitimately owe the IRS the money we can help you reduce and/or restructure a tax bill so it is manageable for you. The IRS does offer tax settlements so […]

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Tax Preparation Service

Lopato & Associates provides high quality taxation services. Did you know that by having a professional prepare your taxes you can get savings that you did not know were even possible? At Lopato & Associates your tax situation is analyzed by tax professionals who know the tax codes. Instead of using generic software that will

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Tax Planning

Doing taxes is like planning a trip. If you plan ahead everything will go smoothly but if you fail to plan you will hit bumps in the road and have problems. Tax planning is vital to save money on taxes. Why pay extra money in taxes when structuring a transaction differently will legally and safely

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Payroll Services

Doing payroll in house can be time consuming, frustrating and a big hassle. As laws and regulations change payroll processing can become very difficult. At Lopato & Associates we can take that burden away from you. We can process your payroll for you and ensure that it is done correctly saving you time, hassle and

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