Corporate Income Taxes

Corporate Income Taxes

Did you know that in order to file a corporate tax return you need a an expert certified public accountant to help you or you will most likely over pay on your corporate tax return? Call us at (858) 549-1295 and ask us about filing your corporate tax return. We specialize in the preparation of corporate tax returns for small and medium sized businesses. If you want the best possible firm preparing your taxes call us at (858) 549-1295 and schedule a no obligation meeting with a certified public accountant today.

FAQ: Q: Why do I need a Certified Public Accountant to Prepare taxes for my corporation? A: While a 1040 with a single W2 may be simple to prepare corporate income taxes involve more forms and require knowledge of the most recent tax laws to prepare correctly. Unless you get a certified public accountant to prepare your corporate income taxes you will probably make mistakes that could either cause you to pay more taxes now or you could make mistakes that could trigger an audit by the IRS later. Q: How much does it cost to prepare a corporate tax return? A: While we would love to be able to advertise a price on the internet each corporation is different and requires a different amount of work to complete. Call us at (858) 549-1295 and you can schedule a no obligation meeting with a CPA to discuss your corporate tax return and ask any questions that you may have. Q: What kind of corporate tax returns do you prepare? A: We prepare both subchapter s corporate tax returns as well as standard c corp tax returns? Q: How long will it take to prepare my corporate tax return? A: We will discuss the time frame for tax preparation with you. This depends on the complexity of your tax return. Q: If a mistake was made in a prior year can you fix it? A: Yes! We can go back and file an amended tax return up to three years prior. Call us at (858) 549-1295 now to speak to a CPA about your corporate tax return.

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