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  • CPA with 30+ Years of Experience
  • Avoid, Fines, Fees and Penalties​
  • Top Quality Tax Preparation

At many large tax firms your taxes are done by people with less than 6 months of experience.

At Lopato & Associates your taxes are done by a top level CPA with 30+ years of experience.

You will rest easy knowing you will not have costly mistakes on your tax return.


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Angela K.
Yelp Review

There are no words that can fully express how much I loooovvvee Alan Lopato and his staff. You see, when I got divorced and decided to become a small business owner as a Real Estate Agent I didn't have a lot of energy left to handle the other parts of my life. He made sure that I saved money, kept on top of everthing that I needed to help me make the right financial decisions. Every year I am so impressed by them. I am truely grateful. I refer all of my clients to Alan. I don't know what I would do without him and his staff. Angela


Alan and his team has done our taxes for several years. I tried it on my own one year as comparison, but when I came up several hundred dollars shorter than Lopato I figured it's best to leave this up to professionals. I plan on having my taxes down with Lopato for many years to come. His office isn't very impressive, but with the service I receive I prefer to pay for salaries and not swanky offices.

Hakan L.
San Diego, CA
AlohaJackie H.
Waikoloa Village, HI

Recommended by my attorney and his office situated very convenient to me, recently widowed and not in a frame of mind to worry about taxes, I went to Alan and was happy to be able to find someone who I could trust to manage my somewhat difficult financial situation when I needed to be able to trust someone quickly and easily. One reviewer states that his office isn't very impressive, and I will agree - but I also agree that I would rather pay for service and not "swanky offices". Their quick turnaround and providing documentation softcopies as well as transactions online were also a plus. Since then I have been in need of a quick answer on a few other matters and Alan has gone out of his way to answer me in a timely manner and is quite polite and quick to give the information needed. For their professionalism, and expertise, for your Taxes or financial / accounting needs, I urge you to call him -- and I would definitely recommend others to give Alan your business.

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