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Tax Issues for Divorcing Individuals

Tax Issues for Divorcing Individuals, when a couple divorces or separates, there are many issues that need to be sorted out. One issue many forget to discuss is taxes. Here is a look at some of the tax issues divorcing couples may encounter. File Jointly or Separately? For tax purposes, a person's marital status is…
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Hire Your Child for the Summer

Hire Your Child for the Summer if you own your own business, you may want to think about employing your child for the summer. Not only will your child learn some valuable workplace skills, but you could reduce your taxes, too. Tax Savings Hiring a child can be a legitimate income-shifting tool. The wages you…
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Year-end Tax Tips

Year-end Tax Tips, a little planning could save a lot in taxes. Here are a few strategies individuals and businesses can use to help lower their 2013 tax bills. Contribute to your retirement savings. To help with this year's taxes, increases to your 401(k) plan salary deferral must be made during 2013. However, you have…
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